Lockdown Let Go

Workshop for handling Stress and Anxiety

Saturday 20th February 2021…

I have teamed up with Ella O, a Transformational Breath® Facilitator, to bring together a workshop to help cope with the current Lockdown stresses and Anxieties using breathing techniques, Yoga and Mindfulness. 

On the workshop we will be covering the following methods to help release us from Stress and Anxiety:


Yoga stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System using controlled breathing techniques and postures, as a result you will feel calmer, less stressed, or anxious, with improved sleep and thus improved general health and well-being.  By stimulating the Parasympathetic Nervous System through Yoga, we counter stress by, amongst other things, slowing the heart rate, relaxing the muscles to release tension, increasing our digestive system, and thus restoring balance to our body.


By practicing mindfulness it provides us with the tools to become aware of the present moment, become more aware of our feelings and thoughts, mind and body and surroundings.
It also helps us to feel more self aware, calmer and less stressed and able to cope with difficult and unhelpful thoughts. To be kinder to yourself and feel more able to chose how you respond to thoughts and feelings.

Transformational Breathing

During this workshop Ella O. will explain how Transformational Breath® is fundamental to unlocking your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spaciousness and calm during these testing times. You will be guided through a powerful experiential breath session that will connect you to your body, mind and spirit helping you to let go of old stuck emotions that are holding you back and affecting your true potential to navigate life’s challenges with focus, energy and ease.

Breathing affects every aspect of our human experience. Unless we understand the power and significance it has, in creating the way life happens for us, we may overlook the benefit it has in helping us to manage and alter our mental and emotional states.  Lockdown brings with it much uncertainty and in many cases a greater degree of stress as we have to extend our day-to-day responsibilities and juggle working from home and home schooling our children, and perhaps we are concerned for older relatives, all whilst being confined together adding to any sense of overwhelm we may already be feeling.  When we feel anxious we will be breathing in a way that reinforces a high alert response compounding anxiety and the stress response in the body, but there is a simple and effective way to help us understand, be aware of and manage how our body and mind reacts so that we can start to change the feelings of anxiety in lockdown life.  Through the practice of Transformational Breath® we are able to clear the dysfunctions we have picked up in our breathing which creates more freedom in our breath, thoughts and emotions which in turn helps us to flow with more ease through the inevitable challenges we are all facing at this time.

Workshop Timetable 

09:00 – 10:00 Yoga for Stress and Anxiety. You can find full details on this practice here

10:15 – 11:00 Mindfulness Exercises 

11:00 – 13:00 Transformational Breath®


The workshop is taking place on Saturday 20th February


The workshop costs £45.00, if you book before Saturday 13th you get the early bird price of £40.00

How do i book?

Please go to Gymcatch here and register. Once registered and logged in, please click on the link “ON DEMAND” and you will see the workshop listed.  If you click on the workshop you can then purchase it.



We really hope you can make it, its going to be a great workshop!

About Ella O.

Ella.O is a qualified Transformational Breath® facilitator and Group Leader who came to work with the breath after hosting a workshop at her former yoga studio. At this time in her life when she was experiencing acute anxiety and panic attacks.  From her first session she was blown away be the power and profoundly liberating nature of the system and its ability to shift ‘stuff’ (quickly and directly) that she had been carrying around and had been unable to access through other therapies and healing systems.

Ella went on to take the first training she could get to and uses Transformational Breath® to work in supporting those who are ready to understand and explore the power and wonder of their own breath with a keen interest in speciality groups including young people, cancer patients and those who experience anxiety.

About Jacqui.

Through my own experiences Yoga has helped me in many ways.  I have suffered from panic attacks and anxiety in the past and now use Yoga and breath work to help control this and help prevent future attacks. 

I learnt that from my own life experiences I tended to rush around filling my days jam packed so I didn’t have time to think and I was so unaware of myself and my body.  My journey with Yoga has helped me so much with this and I now love to focus my Yoga classes on mind and body awareness.  I always try to look at the positives in any situation and I think Yoga helps me keep this focus.

My teaching style is very much alignment based working in a slow gentle flow. I try to make my classes relaxed and fun, I don’t take myself too seriously and from the feedback I have received this is how people feel attending my classes.

My current timetable is a mix of classes, beginners, gentle flow and I also like to teach strong dynamic classes as I think we all like to feel strong and healthy so this is a great positive class to help with the mix.


Yoga by Jacqui class

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