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Ella.O is a qualified Transformational Breath® facilitator and Group Leader who came to work with the breath after hosting a workshop at her former yoga studio. At this time in her life when she was experiencing acute anxiety and panic attacks.  From her first session she was blown away be the power and profoundly liberating nature of the system and its ability to shift ‘stuff’ (quickly and directly) that she had been carrying around and had been unable to access through other therapies and healing systems.

Ella went on to take the first training she could get to and uses Transformational Breath® to work in supporting those who are ready to understand and explore the power and wonder of their own breath with a keen interest in speciality groups including young people, cancer patients and those who experience anxiety.

Coming from a background in teaching law and having had several of her own businesses, Ella is particularly aware of the clarity of thought, relaxation and stress management available when working with the breath; addressing this modern malaise has become more and more necessary in the way that we live today, and Ella takes great joy in being able to share this work to help others experience that living differently is not only possible but entirely accessible through their breath.

Transformational Breath® – An online Taster Session


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