Katherine Horstmann Nutrition

We are super excited to announce that Katherine Horstmann Nutrition is joining us on our virtual retreat to offer her insights and support!
Katherine Horstmann is a mum of three boys and a Registered Nutritional Therapist (mBANT rCNHC). She specialises in helping mums who are suffering with depression, anxiety, low mood and overwhelm to remember what good feels like.

She will be focusing on dietary and lifestyle measures that can help alleviate the feelings and symptoms associated with anxiety which is especially topical right now.

Sometimes anxiety is triggered by a particular situation or set or circumstances (like lockdown for instance!) but sometimes anxious feelings are exacerbated by our daily lifestyles and imbalances in our body.

Katherine recognises how debilitating anxiety can be and uses her own personal and clinical experience to provide some practical tips and solutions to get anxiety under control.

We very much look forward and welcome Katherine to our virtual retreat! 


e:   jacqui@jacquidoyle.co.uk

m:  07568 069342


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